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There is a very wide range of expertise present within Duoinlog Françoise van den Broek has a strong background in supply chain management. Her professional activities encompass more than twenty years experience as Manager Materials Planning at Dräger Netherlands. She also fulfilled various positions as Logistics and Marketing Manager before she joined Coopers & Lybrand/PwC Consulting. In that period as a consultant, she focussed primarily on performance improvement projects in the supply chain in the ‘Consumer Industry Products & Services’ cluster. She then moved on to work for Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC), where she worked on a number of knowledge development projects (such as ‘Stadsbox’) and conducted research into the competitive position of the Netherlands. Before finally establishing Duoinlog in 2013, she spent six years at Panteia and its subsidiary NEA Transport research and training, working on national and international projects for the private sector and government bodies, and conducted a number of policy studies.


The following projects illustrate the breadth of experience:

European Aviation Safety Agency – Survey on Standard Weights of Passengers and Baggage

europianIn this research, commissioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Françoise van den Broek was the project manager responsible for the survey regarding the standard weights for passengers and luggage. The research was conducted during the summer and the winter period at eight different European airports, namely: London Gatwick Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Madrid Barajas Airport, Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, Frankfurt Airport, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, Athens International Airport and Sofia Airport. The public (departure hall and check-in) and secured areas (baggage reclaim and directly at the gates) were included in the survey. In order to reduce language barriers with passengers as much as possible, local, security cleared, staff were engaged. Based on almost 23,000 observations for passengers and more than 22,000 observations for baggage, the conclusion was that all average weights derived from the research results (men, women, children, and checked and hand baggage) were higher than the weights stated in EU-OPS. This could be a reason to adjust the regulation on this point. For all passengers the average weight is 3 kg heavier. In addition, the weight of checked baggage measured (average weight 16.7 kg) is heavier than the standard weight as specified in the EU-OPS. There was no immediate danger to safety. Because of the changed ratio of male and female passengers, the total weight remained within safety margins. However, one recommendation was to repeat the survey within 10 years.

Goodyear Dunlop – Fuel Efficiency Calculator

46303-Goodyear-Dunlop-LogoGoodyear Dunlop asked NEA to develop a tool to support hauliers when calculating which fuel-saving investments would yield the maximum return on investment (ROI) for their specific fleet. The ‘Fuel Efficiency Calculator’, takes into consideration the actual day-to-day working conditions of hauliers active in various European regions, and shows fleet managers how much CO2, fuel and costs they can save. You can find the Fuel Efficiency Calculator at www.fleet-calculator.eu. From a central location and with user-friendly graphical applications, the tool will help fleet managers predict to what extent the choice of tyres, investments in driver training and fitting aerodynamic devices will reduce fuel consumption and improve environmental performance. Another significant feature of the application is that it takes into account the values stated in the new EU Tyre Label, which, in the near future and in accordance with the new European legislation, will assist fleet managers in their tyre choice. Use of the calculator tool is free to European hauliers and anyone else interested in making the following estimates:

  • decrease of fuel consumption in litres/100 km
  • annual fuel saving in litres
  • annual CO2 savings in tonnes
  • net annual cost savings

The tool was presented by Françoise van den Broek at the Goodyear Dunlop symposium entitled ‘Driving Fuel Efficiency in Europe’s Road Freight Transport’. Keynote speaker at this symposium was Mr Siim Kallas, vice-chair of the European Commission, and responsible for transport. The event brought 170 leading commercial fleet managers, market leaders and European policymakers for transport together for a one-day symposium in Brussels, the focus of which was a broad debate on the increasing demand for greater fuel efficiency in the European transport sector.

E. van Wijk Logistics – PSOM subsidy application and project supervision Ukraine

site_header_logoE. van Wijk




Françoise van den Broek was asked for commercial advice and support during the project to design and establish E. van Wijk Logistics’ new logistics operations in Ukraine. From the very start, she played an important role in this project: from drafting and submitting the PSOM subsidy application in 2008 and the (interim and final) reports to the Dutch Agency (a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) that provided the grant up to and including the actual commissioning of the new plant in Lviv (Western Ukraine) in 2012. The logistics operations include a logistics centre with offices and a (bonded) warehouse of 2,500 m2. On the same site, the first DAF dealership in West-Ukraine has also been opened. The DAF trucks service centre is a fully equipped dealership with workshop and sales facilities. This modern, well-equipped company has one of the first roller brake test benches in Ukraine. The logistics support point in Ukraine plays an important role in the rapidly growing transport between Western Europe and the Eastern European countries. The E. van Wijk branch in Lviv offers a full range of logistics services including warehousing, customs clearance and local distribution. With the opening of its own location in Ukraine, E. van Wijk can now respond to the rapid economic developments in this country.