Market analysis

MarktanalyseDuoinlog analyses the market as follows:

  • in the future, the economic model will not focus exclusively on more growth
  • in the short term, unemployment will continue to increase, many candidates will be chasing fewer vacancies. In the longer term, shortages will arise in the labour market and well-educated, talented people will be in demand
  • companies will return to their core processes and will hire expertise and capacity as required on a temporary basis to retain maximum flexibility
  • this will give rise to cooperative networks which, depending on the requirements at the time, can be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’
  • only enterprises that continually renew and improve will survive
  • leadership will focus on inspiration and participation; coaching and sharing expertise will be taken for granted. Social innovation will play a key role here

A better return with sustainable business practices
Companies that connect their core activities with sustainable objectives make a positive contribution to society and the environment and perform better financial terms. Research shows that listed companies who pay a great deal of attention to corporate social responsibility perform 30% better on the stock exchange than companies that don’t.