Mission statement

logistiek als een ‘value center’Creating added value by connecting logistics and sustainable business practices

Duoinlog views logistics as a ‘value centre’. For many organisations, logistics is not their core business but it is an important part of their total service or activity. Furthermore, research has shown that, on average, companies that are able to anchor ‘social responsibility’ in their business operations, perform better than their competitors. They do this by focussing on continuity and paying extra attention to the importance of society and the environment There is much to be gained by connecting logistics and sustainable business practices.
Duoinlog offers its clients sound advice based on knowledge and experience, and supports:

  • them in determining their future direction and in getting their organisation and/or working environment moving
  • them in improving their logistics performance
  • directors and management (ad interim) in:
  • implementing projects
  • implementing change
  • anchoring corporate social responsibility in the organisation’s DNA
  • and, in all this, does not forget the human side of the processes.