ProjectmanagementDuoinlog’s expertise is primarily based on achieving (sustainability) gains in logistics processes and in the supply chain, and also in focussing business strategy on sustainability. Duoinlog looks further than simply reducing your carbon footprint. Earning a healthy profit and the continuity of your organisation are paramount. Project management, short situational analyses, hands-on recommendations, implementation and anchoring. That’s what it’s all about! Clients come to Duoinlog for:

  • advice, project management and interim management concerning logistics and sustainable business practices
  • validations and advice regarding air freight security (ACC3, KC3 and RA3)
  • programme management for logistics assignments
  • support for subsidy applications and managing subsidised programmes for logistics and sustainability related assignments
  • conducting quick scans, business reviews, benchmarks and development projects
  • planning and coaching workshops, round table conferences and guest speaker events

And if it transpires that more is needed than Duoinlog’s own expertise, Duoinlog can call on one of the many professional partners in its own extensive network!