Duurzaam ondernemenSustainable business practices as part of your logistics DNA

Traditionally, logistics was considered a ‘cost centre’, but it can in fact contribute much customer value and many distinctive qualities, especially if the organisation as a whole makes a clear link to sustainable operations. Any essential investments will always pay for themselves.


  • the customer is the focal point
  • innovations do not originate exclusively from larger companies and knowledge institutes
  • respond to changing market conditions
  • invest and develop in a new economic era; the economy will not return to what it used to be
  • develop new business models that fit in with the current and future spirit of the times
  • involve employees and environment in developments
  • sustainability is a means, not an end in itself

Key themes for the coming years include:

  • supply chain continuity (prevent irregularities (safety & security), guarantee raw material supply)
  • footprint, circular economy (cradle-to-cradle, energy, recycling materials, preventing waste, scrap)
  • HRM/social innovation (smart collaboration, leadership, diversity, The New Way of Working (TNWOW))
  • transparency and communication
  • CSR as business case (new business models)